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Society for Women's Health

Endometriosis Toolkit. A patient empowerment guide.

For every 10 women in your life, at least one of them likely has endometriosis.

This chronic and often debilitating disease can be difficult to live with, both physically and emotionally. Many women experience significant delays in getting diagnosed and treated, in part because of the societal stigma around menstrual issues. Though there is no cure, there are treatment options that may ease symptoms and improve quality of life.

SWHR’s toolkit is designed to empower individuals with endometriosis in navigating their care.

The toolkit provides easy-to-understand information on menstrual health, guidance on endometriosis diagnosis and treatment, and tips for interacting with your health care provider. The toolkit aims to facilitate productive conversations between patients and health care providers so people with endometriosis can get the care they need.

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