How you can help

This is a nonprofit to help speard awarness about this rare disease, and help the women and the community. Some of our main goals are too get reaserchers learning everything they can about this disease in the lab. Help everyone understand what the disease is and how its affecting women who have it. Bring awarrenesses in different areas. 

Created women care baskets to help with recovery. Bring some hope back in their lives. 

We can to help our communities understand and give them some hope! 

The women need to know that help is out there, all they have to do ask for it. 

We have many different projects going on. Stay turned to learn more about them!

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This nonprofit organization is created to spread awareness about this rare disease and advocate through events and programs. Also help the women who has this disease through the programs.


Phone: (608) 609-5043

Registered Charity: 12345-67

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