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Our Mission:

To empower women with endosalpingiosis and spread awareness of the disease among medical providers to generate momentum for future research. To educate everyone.To help women with this disease with resources. 

To work with the community on many different programs like basket of hope. 

To find a cure one day!! 

Endosalpingiosis is a rare condition, which is most commonly seen in age groups of 30–49 years and could be a cause of abdominal pain. It affects all the organs in the abdomen and pelvis and the fallopian tube-like epithelium is found outside the fallopian tube.

The Gazette: Janesville woman creates nonprofit to support women with shared pain

Each surgery came with hope the pain Frank has experienced since she was a teenager would go away. But it never did and likely never will. Frank, 34, of Janesville, was diagnosed five years ago with endosalpingiosis—a rare condition that occurs when tissue from the fallopian tubes is found in other parts of the body, she said.

After a “miracle” pregnancy, a meeting with a congressman and a donation from a friend, Frank is ready to help other women living with pain. Frank has started a nonprofit organization—Endosalpingiosis Foundation—to create awareness of the condition, connect with women who are suffering and raise money for endosalpingiosis research, Frank said.

This nonprofit organization is created to spread awareness about this rare disease and advocate through events and programs. Also help the women who has this disease through the programs.

Email: endosalpingiosisfoundation@gmail.com

Phone: (608) 609-5043

Registered Charity: 12345-67

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