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Need help finding a physician? 
Us too!  

Help us help our community by building a comprehensive list of board-certified physicians who treat Endosalpingiosis. 



Our mission is to spread awareness and educate our community for Endosalpingiosis, a rare disease that exclusively affects people born with a uterus. While our aim will always be to find a cure. We host awareness campaigns online to help bring awareness and raise funds to support the needs of our community, in addition to hosting the Endosalpingiosis Registry to support the advancement of research and development. 
No matter where you live, we need to come together globally to bring awareness about this disease to everyone. We are educating our doctors, family, friends and anyone else that wants to learn about this disease. 
You aren't alone in fighting this disease!

What is Endosalpingiosis?  

Endosalpingiosis is a painful reproductive condition where tissue from the fallopian tubes are found outside the tubes, and elsewhere in the pelvic cavity, causing pain and infertility. 

Common symptoms include pelvic pain, pain between periods, painful sex, dyspareunia, back pain, mood swings and problems sleeping. 

There is no known cure for this disease.


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